About Us

BOLD is defined as showing the ability to take risks and be confident and courageous. It is an adjective we have lived by and which defines every aspect of who we are. BOLD represents the little girl whose only meal for the entire day came from the school cafeteria. BOLD describes the girl who had to stay strong and support her family after the fatal shooting of her brother. BOLD is the spirit of a black woman who is grateful to be a first-generation college graduate and still succeeding despite all that life has thrown at her. BOLD is US. BOLD is anyone facing afflicting challenges and conquering tough situations. At the heart of life is a four-letter word that is a testament to our small business.  —Ellis Prints: BOLD VISION.

We have taken on many roles to encourage the change we hope to see in our community and the world. After witnessing firsthand the rapidly increasing homelessness and hunger statistics across American cities and around the globe, we were inspired to do more. Ellis Prints was founded with a rebellious spirit and a bold objective: to build and offer stunning home and interior decor, while leading by example as a socially innovative business. Our goal is to provide visual inspiration and positivity to people and communities and prioritize empowering those who need us the most.

As a small step to eliminate homelessness and world hunger, Ellis Prints works with a handful of partners worldwide to ensure that for every product of Ellis Prints purchased, a percentage is directly donated to a homeless shelter and a world hunger non-profit organization. Our main goal is to instill a sense of positivity and inspiration within people, so that they might have the courage to succeed and take on their unique challenges despite their very real, limiting circumstances.